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Omfg. Can you belive it?

I'm back!!

I know I've been gone for ages and I am really really truly sorry about that.




But I'm over all the shit that's happened now and I'm back, and as cliché as it sounds, I'm stronger then ever.

I'm not gonna go on about what's been happening because some of it is to painful to think about let alone type.

But on a happier note ~ yes! I have realised some new art ^.^ Which I'm really exited about tbh, the feedback has been so lovely so far, its honestly so good to be back :3

I won't be realising art like, everyday, because of school n shit plus I don't draw that often.

But I do plan to start drawing more because it helps me go to my 'happy place'

I know that sounds stupid but meh, each to their own.

But incase you haven't noticed, I have changed ~ A hell of a lot.

Not just in the way I look but my attitude, opinions/views and styles.

Personally I think I changed for the better, a few disagree but they can suck my ass.


Btw, if you want ~ follow me on twitter?? dat_Waffle_


QuoteV? ~



I'm not gonna waffle on any longer and waste anymore of your valuable time.

But I do want to say thankyou to my watchers who have stuck with me from the beginning even though I left for a while (:

Means a lot guys!


Remebers to smile and I love youuu!!! xoxo

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September 11, 2013


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