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Heyy guys!
Well first of all i would liek to say sorry, i have been coming onto dA reguarly to check noifications and suff, but i havent updated my journal nor added anymore artwork! And im sorry about that because i know its boring sometimes when no one uploads anything! But I must admit i am slowly moving away from drawings, u see a couple months ago now i decied to scrap the model project, manly because I felt I don't have the resorces I need to make it a truely awesome project, but also because its not as fun when u do it on ur own! I have some photos to add of kasey ( shiningspiritwolf.deviantart.c… )  modeling in our school changing rooms! Which sounds kind of dodgy but its not...I promise u she is fully clothed! Hahahaha!!!! LOL!!
But yeah so her pics will proberly be the last modeling pics i add, unless i motivate myself to upload loads of me and my friend megan which e took aaaaaaages ago! Might do! Haha!
But I feel myself moving more to litriture, like writing and shiz, I am currently writing  a story, from the point of veiw of a 14 year-old geordie! Haha yeah awesome haha :L but it might sound bad but any sue limb fans...thats the sort of type i mean, i was influenced by Girl 15! So yeahh...also I am gonna write a short story, or kinda short haha!
Hope you enjoy my new kinda style! If u dont like my new style and want to whatch me i wont be offended!!
Also PLEASE DONATE!!!!! It would mean alot to be and im not asking for alot! < thanks if u do donate XD look thro my journal entrys to find the entry which has the list of rewards u get for the amount of points u donate!!!
Hope all my awesomly awesome whatchers are still awesome and well!
Stay awesome ;)
Thanks again!
LaurenALex <3
PS. Please visit my 2 websites! I have udated 'em both!
Modelswithoutairbrush...... modelswithoutairbrush.weebly.c…
Thanks! <3
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Submitted on
December 10, 2012


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