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All my artwork is from when I was like, 12.

I'm currently deleting a lot and I plan to upload my newer pieces eventually. Please ignore all my current stuff!
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Hai :3

So, wow. I can't believe how long it's been since I last bothered to even log into dA let alone post something. I guess it just isn't me really.

I have a huge and very valid excuse as to why I haven't been online, but I'm not gonna bore you with that.

But what I will say is, looking back at my previous post, I cringe. Therefore I am having a massive clean up session.

Hopefully I'll post some more, um, matured stuff?

Idk man, I've really changed and grown up since the last time I posted. I apologise if you don't like the new stuff I'm gonna post but meh.

Also, I won't be deleting every single previous post, because it's good to see how I've changed but I will be deleting the majority.

If you want to get in touch with me about anything either leave a comment below or if you want an immediate reply add me on any of the following accounts and send me a message letting me know you're from the dA community ect.

Snapchat: laurenalexx4421
Twitter: dem_Waffles_Tho
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Yeahh so sorry I wasn't on last night, I know I haven't upload in a couple days, I do plan to upload again soon(:


The reason I wasn't on was mainly because I had TRILLIONS of pieces of homework to do and yeahh I was literally doing homework from the moment I got in until around half 10 ish.




anyways, I also have a really bad cold and I just wanna sleeeeeeeep. But schools like no.


So I'm a bit of a pissy mood due to illness. :(






I pre ordered mine, right. Like, the beginning of the week or something, and no. IT STILL HASN'T COME. It was dispatched yesterday apparently.

But won't arrive 'till Tuesday.


excuse me while I go find some shit to flip.


That reminds me..




any of you who follow me on twitter (Dat_Waffle_) will know that this morning I tweeted 'If GTA V doesn't come today I'm gonna flip shit.'

yeahh well, not only do I intend to find shit to flip, also..






Also, at lunch, my best friend and I, were walking along the B floor and I heard my crushes mate (J) say ... 'yeahh she follows me, her names something waffle.'


because not only did he have the 'oh fuck did she hear me' look on his face but also, MY TWITTER NAME IS dat_Waffle_






I'm really curious now though.


But tbh, I was to busy inspecting my bum thumb.


Yup I have a bum for a thumb.




Let me explain..


At lunch, I needed to pee. (COOL STORY BRO, TELL IT AGAIN) So my best friend and I went to la B floor toilets, and, when I was 'trying' to lock the door, I cut my thumb.


*applauds self*


Yay me...


Yush and in my opinion the cut looks like an anus.


No every time I look at my thumb I burst into laughter :/




ANd then when we came out of the toilets (like, not the cubical <.<) we walked along the B floor to go to get a plaster (look it was bleeding a lot ok.) and that's when I heard the conversation.


SO yeahh.


That was my day, basically.


 and now, I'm so happy because 1) I get my pocket  money tomorrow which means I can buy loads more music and 2) mum said she might buy me Kerrang!


so yeahh, that's happening.




I plan to make an All Time Low pillow in textiles.




This is really random but I made cupcakes yesterday with this lad in my year (as I forgot my ingredients so I helped him) and it was really fun. They turned out pretty awesome. Bit flat but awesome. :3 there was some serious teamwork going on ;)

He gave me a mento  and 2 of the cupcakes as a thanks.




So yeahh. That happened.


And I plan to go now, as I have shit to flip.



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Hallo everyone! *waves*


First off, I just wanna say a huge thankyou to everyone!! 2o WATCHERS!!! Yay ^.^ May not seem like loads but its loads to me :3

Secondlllllly, are you happy with me? I've uploaded 2 night in a row ^.^


I do want to do some drawing, I was gonna do some now, but its a bit chilly on the old willy so I don't really want to leave the comfort and warmth of my bed.


Also, a few people who follow/watch me on both Quotev AND devaintART, have asked me to write a One Direction fan fic...

Now, I'm not a 1D fan tbh, yeahh their attractive, yeahh their music is okish, but its not really my genre that I personally like. (please don't hate on me)

Loads of my friends are directions sooo.

Anyways, I am considering writing one. I just have this amazing idea (not to sound big head or whatever) but I do really want to make it into a story.

I've already started it so ya. (:


Meep anyways, if your interested in reading any of my (yes unfinished, don't yell, I have yet to finish them) stories, just visit the link below.


if that link doesn't work, send me a note or comment for another one. (:




I'll publish this journal and think of loads to say, like last night. #firstworldproblems ;)


anyways I'm to tired.




Niiiighty night (:


Or good morning?


Depending on le timezone.




Nope that's a shop.


What even?




Idek anymore.




Ok I'm leaving, goodbye.






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I should be sleeping, seeing as I don't only have school tomorrow, but I have PE first lesson.






Yes I uploaded again!


Told you I would(:


You proud??


I just wanna say thankyou to everyone who has been commenting and sending me notes, complimenting me on my work. Its people like you who actually give me hope for this universe.


*Starts singing Universe by Ghost Town*








Incase you want to talk to me further or find out more about my work, follow me on these sites!


Twitter ~ dat_Waffle_


Instagram ~ dat_waffle_


QuoteV ~ LaurenGoesMeow ( )


Ask me for my kik, tumblr and or any other sites you think I might have (:


Anywaaaaaaaaays, see yaaa.


Dunno if I'll upload tomorrow, got some really serious shit happening :(


But like I said, I'm back now and I will keep uploading (:


Hehe :3


Byeee deee byeee



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<.< >.>


Idek man :L


That song is just so freaking catchy.


On a more less-musical note (pun not intended.)

I have (or at least I think I have?) Deleted loads of my old artwok (drawings, modelling ect.)

Because looking back at it, well, its honestly shit.

So ha. Deleted.  Gone. Poof.


I know everyones always like, uhhhhh you shouldn't delet it, it shows your progress blaaaaaah blaaaaaaaah blaaaaaaah but tbh, I've changed a lot since I fist started dA and as much as I want to express that through art, I just don't feel comfortable having my older stuff lingering around.


Don't get me wrong, some of it is still in my gallery. Just not as near as much as there was.






Well, that is all my fellow elves.


Oh and I know in my last entry I was like,

Oh meh neh fa ba I will upload more often blah blah blah,


Well yeahhh tbh that's not happening :/


Because, I don't draw very often, manly because I have to be in the mood. I'm not like some people, I can't just pick up a pencil and create a master piece. It takes time, effort, patience (which I don't have much of) and concentration.

And if I've had a shitty day at school, or I have a headache, or whatever. I just don't feel like doing something which is gonna require all that ^


So yup.


Plus, I'm not one for taking pictures of my self so much any more.


I mean, I've never been vain!!!!


But when I first joined dA, I was prepared to take pictures to upload, but, tbh, recently, I'm not so happy with my face.


Nor my body.


But blagh whatevers.


That is all.


*Speaks like Capndesdes* AND FAIR WINDS.









Omfg. Can you belive it?

I'm back!!

I know I've been gone for ages and I am really really truly sorry about that.




But I'm over all the shit that's happened now and I'm back, and as cliché as it sounds, I'm stronger then ever.

I'm not gonna go on about what's been happening because some of it is to painful to think about let alone type.

But on a happier note ~ yes! I have realised some new art ^.^ Which I'm really exited about tbh, the feedback has been so lovely so far, its honestly so good to be back :3

I won't be realising art like, everyday, because of school n shit plus I don't draw that often.

But I do plan to start drawing more because it helps me go to my 'happy place'

I know that sounds stupid but meh, each to their own.

But incase you haven't noticed, I have changed ~ A hell of a lot.

Not just in the way I look but my attitude, opinions/views and styles.

Personally I think I changed for the better, a few disagree but they can suck my ass.


Btw, if you want ~ follow me on twitter?? dat_Waffle_


QuoteV? ~



I'm not gonna waffle on any longer and waste anymore of your valuable time.

But I do want to say thankyou to my watchers who have stuck with me from the beginning even though I left for a while (:

Means a lot guys!


Remebers to smile and I love youuu!!! xoxo

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Hai everyone.

I was just wondering, anyone wanna be Internet friends?
I know it might sound retarded or whatever but hey, might be nice?

So um, send me a note or comment for one.

Or, if you want, follow me on twitter
And drop me a tweet!

Either way lets get talking!
I really wanna get to know my watchers and well, anyone!


Love y'all. Keep smiling. Stay beautiful. <3
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OMFG I'M SOOOOO SORRY GUYS!!!!! *runs up to y'all and hugs y'all*


Ok, let me start that again, in a, but, uh whatever.


Hai guys!


So I know I've been gone for like, a trillion, billion, gazillion years but omg loads has been happening recently! And I just haven't found the time to come online.

And I am truely sorry for my absence guys D:

I hope I haven't lost any whatchers because of it.

I will let you know that I have changed as a person a hell of a lot, which you will proberly notice via my artwork.


Speaking of artwork...


As I've been a b*tch and left y'all for so long, I haven't added any pictures of my artwork, which, on a whole, I haven't done that much of!


But I've done some. So I will will will put that on ASAP!!

Also, don't know if you care or whatever, but if you do care, I am now signed up to almost every social network site imaginable. Well...not quite.

Anyway, here are some links to SOME of my accounts/pages...…    (quoteV)        (twitter)


Oh ok. So only 2 links...


yeahh so incase the links don't work:

Follow me (please) on quoteV: LaurenThePixieCat

Follow me (please) on twitter: @AlexxRattray


and urm yeahh.

Oh and I can't get links for this but like mine and my best mates page on facebook? If you love me you will....(and if you have facebook. ovs)

The page is called: Shut Your Mouth 'Cause Your Talking To Much And I Don't Give A Damn Anyway

Oh and also, follow me on Instagram?: alexxthedrunkforestelfxo




I would really like it if you followed me on twitter, because, I could finally get to know some of you better?

It would be lovly to make some new internet friends:)


Anyways, my english homework is yelling at me, my sketch is staring at me (creeping me out a lil), quotev is wanting me, facebook is bleeping me,twitter is calling me and instagram is watching me (instagram you perv) ;)


Haha, anyways anywaaaaays, I'm gonna go finish(or at least try to finish) my english homework, then, I shall.... DRUM ROLL PLEASE...

*drum roll*

Put some artwork on :D





Anyways anywaaaaaays anywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays, I'm proberly making you yawn. So goodbye now my fellow elfs.

Stay mystical, have a beautiful day and SMILE:D




Heya y'all.
SO er, as you've proberly guessed, I haven't been on for awhile.
Ur so yeahh thanks for all the birthday messages:D meant alot, sorry about late replys, I hardly ever come on here anymore.
Ur yeah.
I have done some artwork.
But I don't intend on putting it up.
I have alot of shit going on right now and I told my SO FUCKING CALLLED best friend and ya know what she said?
I'm Attention Seeking.
I know right. Shes a mint friend like isnt she? Better keep her close.
She can go suck my strap on.
Hum I chose the last option.
Follow and read my storys on Quotev please:)
Laters. <3
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Heeeey y'all!!
OMFG I am soooo sorry I haven't been on for so long!
The thing is I've been stuck up in loads of homework and shit like that, plus loads of personal life drama too, so I've had like hardly any time to do any art and shiz like that. But I lie, I have done some artwork, but not much AT ALL. OMFG I feel so guilty but I just couldn't help it!! But I will try and add some more artwork and shiz as soon as I can:)
Remember to follow my second account:
and also follow me on a site  called QuoteV link-to-my-profile:…

love y'all:))
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Heeeey y'all!!
I am so sorry that I haven't been on for aaaaaaaaaages:/ I have just been busy with shiz and all that!
So..whats happenin' with y'all??
With me?
Well, yesterday I was skateboarding, I fell off, and now I have a massive bruise on my knee and 3 on my shin:/ great. ANd my freaking foot kills, and my toe...but oh well! ahaha! Its half the fun XD
Oh and also...
I have relised so eyes have literally been opened and now I see that I have been chasing after the wrong kinda guys...guys who think its all about boobs and looks. Which I don't have:/ but IDC.
I have a crush. Call me a slag IDC.
ANd hes super duper sweet:3
ANyways enough said.
Talks laters!
Oh and thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, had a great day with my best friend and family! XD
Oh and check out this song, so sweet:3…
LAurenALex x <3
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Howdy y'all!....

Lifes not a game, u can't go and restart it whenever you want. You have to stick at it. Face the problems with your head held high. Remember the best bits and forget the bad.

Thats just a message, to say,love what you have, not what you've not. a lesson I have learned, the hard way.

On a happier note....
Yaaaaaaaay so happy:) Can't wait it gonna be AWESOME.

Also I am thinking of maaaaaaaaaybe doing some more artwork, involving we shall see....

Just come back from sledgeing...bloody freezing! My fingers are nuuuumb D:
But I will live XD

Anyways....unfortantly I have some homework to do :( ... so talk laters!!!
Have a lovly weekend :)
LaurenAlex x
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Hia guys :3

As you proberly noticed, I finally uploaded some more art!
I know when I first came on dA, its was more photography work, and I am still interested in photography, I just fancied a bit of a change, and plus, I needed some more gothic shiz to put on my walls haha!!

I will be (hopefully) subbmitting some more artwork this year, as I find listning to music and drawing relaxing, but the thing is....I CAN'T DRAW. So thats why I just do like basic word posters and stuff, but I am hoping to do some more stuff like 'Gothic.' and 'Skatergirl.' As I'm into things like that.
Those two drawing acctually resemble me alot, I am into gothic things and I love to skateboard! So yeahh...random lil useless fact. Ahaha!

Also its my 13th birthday in 5 days!! Yaay!!! Hehe, got my best mate coming round to my house after school (Yes unfortantly, its on a schoolday-_-) So should be awesome xD!

Anyways....I gotta go set the table now, talk laters, stay happy, stay awesome aaaaand...
From now on...that how imma end my journals!!
ANyways Laterss
c: x
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Hia guys c:
Not to much has happened recently!! I relised who I can trust and who I can't. WHo would have thought that I can trust my enemy more than my so called best friend?
Anyways...I don't think my 'bff' has relised I have replaced her, I love my mate Sophie, she is so nice, and we are best mates. Forever :3

Also I relised how much music keeps me on this planet, if I could't listen to music, I would go insane and would proberly be emo :/
\Right now I'm listening to music, You Me At Six, Underdog/ !!!
Love it.
The title comes from an All Time Low song, Reckless And The Brave.
An awesome song.
I'm gonna go draw now...had some insperation....
(Peace out)
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Heeey y'all!!
First off I would like to say, have y'all had a good new year??
Hope so c:
second, there is a lass on dA, who claims that my friend, shinningspiritwolf, has stolen her work, her refrences, WHATEVER. but she hasnt! I sit next to her in form, I SEE HER DRAW HER DRAWINGS FROM SCRATCH. and I tried to say this, but she jst replied with a horrible cmment saying i needed my eyes tested, and that im not a model, im jst someone who takes pics of theirselfs, and im not a photgrapher, im jst someone who takes pictures. so yeah. i got a bit pissed off. and now shes reported me. WHEN I DIDNT DO ANYTHING APART FROM BACK MY FRIEND UP. Jesus christ. I mean who gets pleasure from annoying artests, saying that their works stolen? WHEN ITS NOT. what kind of sick bitch enjoys that? She needs a life. I have one, a perfect one tbh.
Anyway, moving on...
Hence the title, 'I don't know whats happened...'
Basically, im not sleeping, hardly eating, and more personal stuff s going weird too.
So thats what I mean by the title.
next....(yes this is gonna be a long journal, i have a lot to catch up on.)
on new year, I was chilling in bed at 11AM, recovering from a late night, when I though to myself, meh...f*** it. This year, i'm not letting anyone annoy me, hurt me. They can go f*** themselves.
And I relised...there is so many ppl, I keep fighting to keep them in my lives. Why? There is 4 people who I hve relised...why am I trying to keep them in my lives? Why am I asting my time? For instance, one of them 4, is a lad, who I love(correction, did love) but I asked him out over the hols, and he said NO ( :'( ) so I thought, why am I wasting my time with a lad who will neve rlike me, I mean he gave me all the signs...but no, read them wrong (o_0)
But, if theirs someone who acctually fancies me (which, not being vain, but there is) why am I wasting my time with someone who doesnt like me, when theirs someone who does? Ya know? so yeahh, I questions myself about all 4 ppl, thinking about all we've been through, and how, now, they jst dont seem to care. So yeaahh. Bye bye to them :/
Now....on a deviantART related scale, I'm super sorry I haven't upload much...I will soon! I promise, its just, I've been super busy with homework, school work, christmas, the new year, been writing a story, and all sorts. So I'm super sorry!! I will get round to uploading some more shiz!
I have a youtube channel... AloneInTheRain~ (Dizzy R)   search me plz!!!! (search under 'browse channels' )
I have made 2 lyric videos (one without music, oopies!! sorry :/) and one with, I have also made a rant video, about bullying, I'm not speaking in it, but if u whatch the video u will find out why!!
ALso....last thing from me, please check out my new website, so much to do and whatch!
the modelswithoutairbrush site, will be updated later on today, but here is the link anyways modelswithoutairbrush.weebly.c…
Stay awesome! Love ur faces ;)
LaurenAlex c: x
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Happy new year y'all!!! Have a good one!!!

I have a huge feeling that this year is gonna be a good one ;) I have a few tricks up my sleeve for this year ;)

YEY! GO 2013!!!!!

I hope all y'all dreams come true!! And may u all have a healthy, happy year :)


g2g parrrrty!!!!

Laters x
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Well y'all, i learned my lesson.
Screw it lads, u lost me, i've given up on y'all for now! My problem is i fall too fast, and look where i end up? I will jst be a loner for a while.
Anyway, as Alex Gaskarth (lead singer of All Time Low) says 'To Live And Let Go' And as he says in their song 'Thanks To You' 'Thanks to you, im moving on, turning a page in this book of revolations, about self manications, but theres a ringing in my ear (no one said it was gonna be easy)' so yeahh....
Hope u r all havin' a awesome christmas!!
Laters x
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I dont get lads.
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First off,
I hope u all have a supurb christmas, and if ur not on between, have an insane new year!! I hope you all have a healty happy christmas and new year! (and get what u would all like!!)
As its christmas eve, I'mma be past myself with exitment! And I will need stuff to do, so I will hopefully get 'round to upload more modelling pics!! (of Kasey) and yerrrp!! So yeahh, and IF I have time, I will do a christmas special!!!...
I hve kinda already done a christmas special, with the secone ~me~ pic!! But I wanna draw something more christmassy, like a pic of santa or somethin' but since photoshop is more my thing, I might just edit a pic of santy!!!! Hehe!
Anyway, just a quick one!
Hopefully by new year, there will be more art added!!
Also if my pageveiws get to 1000 I will make a special something as a thanks!!! Soo yerp! Enjoy christmas!!!!!
Love LaurenAlex x
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